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Magnetic Overhead Crane

① Load Capacity: 5-50t
② Work Duty: A5-A7
③ Magnet Optional
④ Factory Direct
⑤ Customer Settings


Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, ceramics, etc. Any question can be send in below form.


Magnetic overhead crane is critical for improving working efficiency, safety and streamlining workflow. It is engineered to handle cast iron ingots, steel balls, scrap metals and other metal products and materials. The lifting capacity of the crane includes the weight of the magnetic chuck. Our overhead cranes come in a range of designs and configurations to suit all kinds of lifting requirements. You can talk to one of our crane professionals to get the right crane system for your business.

What We Offer
While the surging development in different industries, such as the metallurgic industry and shipping industry push the needs of dedicated and professional cranes: the steel mill crane for instance. Efficiency and safety have always been the core of the heavy industry. So as it the same with our long commitment to the crane machinery industry. We employed our almost two-decade years’ experience in the crane manufacturing industry. We serve our customers from all over the world. While our leading experts’ team in the crane research and development industry. We will always get along with our customers, providing and designing the top-notch and customized crane products for our customers and meet their demands in such technological industry.

Technical Data

Technical Parameter of Magnetic Overhead Crane
Lifting heightm6~166~166~166~166~186~16
Lifting speedm/min15.513.3139.79.57.8
Trolley speedm/min37.237.440.1403731.3
Crane speedm/min70.670.674.375.164.958.5
Work dutyA5~A7A5~A7A5~A7A5~A7A5~A7A5~A7
Track typeP38P38   P43P43P43QU70QU80
Getting A Customized Magnetic Overhead Crane
  • Customized in size:  you have a warehouse or steel mill not as much big in seizing as those mega steel mill industries. The height of your warehouse is not very tall. Or you just start or build a new workshop that you do not know in which seize overhead crane can you chose is appropriate. Then, here is the good news for you. Tell us the design size of your workshop or steel mill, our veteran expert team will customize a crane project plan for you.
  • Customized in appearance: maybe you are deeply in love with a specific color: blue, green, red or whatever, for instance, we can meet your affection.
  • Customized in structure: for operator’s operation sake, you may have special needs in the cabinet, we can also provide you a customized cabinet and serve your operator a comfortable operational environment.
  • Customized in series crane service: This plan includes: design the perfect match crane products for your workshop; manufacturing the customized electromagnetic double girder overhead crane; providing a tailored crane installation service for you; customized protection and maintenance service.
  • The customized magnetic overhead crane we design for you is one of the dedicated crane products for steel mills. You may get the right answer in your mind when the word “customized” leap to your eyes. That is because maybe the usage or function of the electromagnetic crane are similar with one from another. However, the needs and demands of the products from our customers shall be different. That is why we always keep a good company with our customers. Because there are differences in our customers’ workstations. To this end, it needs us put customers’ demand in our shoe. We can also offer you the customized electromagnetic double girder bridge crane.