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Ladle Handling Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity: 5 – 320 ton
Span: 10.5-31.5m
Lifting Height: 6-30m
Working Duty: M7-M8


Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, ceramics, etc. Any question can be send in below form.


Ladle overhead crane is one type of metallurgy crane, which is designed for transporting, pouring and charging hot metal in the process of smelting liquid metal, etc. Also called casting overhead/bridge crane or foundry overhead/bridge crane.

According to the crane structure, the ladle overhead cranes can be classified into double girder double rail overhead travelling ladle cranes, four girder four rail overhead travelling ladle cranes, and four girder six rails overhead travelling ladle cranes. The front two types are used for lifting middle and large scale ladles, and the latter one is used for extremely large scale ladles. Kinocranes know the hazard and challenge of metals production industry and can offer customized ladle overhead crane as per client’s requirements.

Ladle Crane

Technical Data

Electrical PanelWeihua brand for main electrical system.
Lifting MotorWeihua Brand with high quality in China.
Lifting ReducerWeihua reducer with high quality brand in China.
Lifting BrakeWeihua brand with high quality in China.
Speed controlResistance speed control for lifting; Inverter speed control for CT and LT with three in one motor
Power Source380V 50HZ 3P AC
Control Voltage220V for cabin control.
Power Supply TypeHeavy duty festooning dragging system for trolley power supply.
PaintingSandblast cleaning dispose- 2 Grade, Epoxy primer,Anti-corrosion painting more than 100um, Corrosion-proof grade C4
Safety FeatureLifting and travelling limit switches; Emergency Stop; Loss voltage protection; Grounded protection; Overload protection ;Short circuit protection; Overheating protection ; Over speed protection ;Over current protection; Faulted phase protection


Because of the high risk of ladle crane, its design has special safety characteristics to ensure the efficiency and safety of the crane system. The features of ladle cranes are as follows:

  • High Working Class: A7-A8 (FEM 4m-5m) for 7×24 hours continuous working
  • Cable: Heat resistance silicon rubber insulated cable
  • Heat Radiation Protection: insulation layer is added at the bottom of the main girder.
  • Control cabin: Closed type, window uses tempered glass and sliding type to protection
  • Steel material: High yield strength Q345B steel plate welded as the main structure
  • Centralized lubricating system: Reduce maintenance workload, spreading on long travelling, main trolley and aux trolley mechanism.