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Steel Coil Handling Overhead Crane


① Plates, tubes and coils.
② load positioning;
③ Swing control;
④ Overload protection;
⑤ Intelligent control;
⑥ Customer settings.


Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, ceramics, etc. Any question can be send in below form.

Weihua automated intelligent steel coil handling crane (coil handing crane) is an integrated management system with information technology, artificial intelligence, digital twins, big data, industrial Internet and sensor technology. It adopts advanced software design concepts of modularity, openness, and generalization, achieving intelligent and unmanned operation of the steel coil handling (coil handing crane) management.

Most steel mills and processing centers require a reliable and robust overhead crane for their coil handling operations.

Weihua designs overhead crane solutions to solve many coil handling situations with a distinct focus on maximizing uptime while minimizing maintenance costs. Weihua also can offer automated and semi-automated solutions that include die-turning and crane-mounted cameras.

Our intelligent steel coil handling crane are not only equipped with high-precision anti-sway, positioning, laser scanning and other hardware systems, but also a powerful, information-rich, and smooth-running control system, which can easily respond to various needs of intelligent material handling.

Weihua coil and plate handling crane (steel coil crane) is designed for traveling a long distance quickly to keep duty cycles short using specialized hook extensions for plates, tubes, rolls or coils up to 80 tons. It can be equipped with Smart Features such as Load Positioning, Sway Control, and Overload Protection to shorten handling times, reduce wear on the crane, extend its life and speed up workflow. Tailoring provides you with attachments for any steel products, and additional capacity, as per your requirements.

We have always maintained the safety production first, the most important production requirements of customer needs.

Main Features and Advantages of Weihua automated intelligent steel coil handling crane (coil handing crane)

1. This crane can be equipped with a variety of lifting devices like coil grab( C-hook) and magnets depending on the material to be handled, the slewing function can be provided.

2. The crane can be controlled with a radio remote controller or in a cabin. Manual, semi-automated and fully-automated functions can be provided and the control mode can be switched freely.

3. Visual Recognition System. The designed visual recognition system with functions of scanning and recognition of vehicle information and steel coils, precise positioning and realization of intelligent unmanned automatic loading and unloading trucks and safety protection in the working area.

4. Anti-sway System. Ground infrared equipment is interconnected with the crane to control the swing, the handling process is smooth and efficient.

5. Data Cloud Platform. The platform including visual warehouse management scheduling system, warehousing data management system, intelligent production line scheduling system and equipment condition monitoring system, all can be connected to all intelligent warehouse management systems.